BS/MS in Literature, Media, and Communication / Digital Media

Students who wish to pursue the BS/MS combination in LMC and DM must apply to the School after completing at least seventy-five credit hours of work toward an LMC degree that includes the Design thread. Applicants should have a 3.5 GPA.

Students admitted to the program will select the LMC 4400 seminar option and take a total of twelve credit hours of graduate coursework during their final undergraduate year. Six credit hours of that work, in DM media courses, will replace the LMC free electives and will count for both undergraduate and graduate credit. During the summer term after their fourth year, students will participate in an approved internship program. During the fifth year, students will take a total of twenty-four credit hours, including either LMC 6800 (Project) or LMC 7000 (Thesis), and with no more than three courses taken outside the DM program.