Undergraduate Embedded Certificate in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering

The Nuclear & Radiological Engineering program in the School of Mechanical Engineering offers a certificate in Nuclear & Radiological Engineering to non-NRE engineering students. This program provides a general knowledge of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering topics and is valuable for students whether or not students are going to graduate school or directly into the industry.

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Program of Study

Required courses:
NRE 2120Elements of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering3
Introduction to Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
Radiation Physics Laboratory
Nuclear Reactor Physics II
Reactor Engineering
Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Design
Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineering
Light Water Reactor Technology
Radiation Sources and Applications
Radiological Assessment and Waste Management
Introduction to Plasma Physics and Fusion Engineering
Total Credit Hours12
  • All courses used toward the certificate must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher.