Undergraduate Embedded Certificate in Pulp and Paper

Our program develops future leaders of the paper and forest products industry. A student currently enrolled in the Schools of ChBE, ME, MSE, or Chem can obtain a certificate demonstrating their proficiency in pulp and paper science and engineering.

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Program of Study

CHBE/ME 4720Pulp and Paper Manufacturing3
CHBE/ME 4730Emerging Technologies for Forest Bioproducts3
CHBE 4767Pulp And Paper Lab3
or ME 4767 Pulp and Paper Lab
CHBE 4699Undergraduate Research3
or CHBE 4903 Special Problems
Total Credit Hours12
  • Courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis and a grade of “C” or better must be earned to count towards the certificate.
  • These courses are cross-listed so that ME, MSE and Chem students can enroll and gain elective credit.