Undergraduate Embedded Certificate in Sustainable Architecture

The Certificate in Sustainable Architecture provides undergraduate students who major in Architecture the opportunity to specialize in design and technical innovations that will increase building energy performance, reduce emissions, use eco-friendly materials, and thereby increase the durable societal value of the built environment. The design and retrofit of energy efficient buildings, better material choices and improved occupant comfort are the primary skills acquired at the intermediate level through this certificate.

Students will furthermore understand the foundations of sustainability and learn the skills to apply sustainability ratings, understand the operational role of building systems and social value of building form and space and learn the tools to simulate, measure and increase sustainability at the building as well as the urban scale.

At this time, the certificate in Sustainable Architecture is available only to Architecture majors.

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Program of Study

ARCH 4227Architecture and Ecology3
ARCH 4226Green Construction3
ARCH 4231Environmental Systems and Design Integration II3
History of Urban Form
Retrofitting Suburbia
Urban Ecological Design
ARCH 4805
Design Build South Africa I
ARCH 4801
Design Build South Africa II
Total Credit Hours12
  • Courses must be completed with a 'C' grade or higher
  • Courses used to satisfy the certificate requirements may be used to fulfill free electives required by the Institute as well as Architecture electives for Architecture majors.