Core Area D

Core Area D: Natural Sciences, Math, and Technology

Core Area D is satisfied by students completing 8 semester hours from the science list and 4 semester hours from the Mathematics list.


8 semester hours

Notice: The School of Biological Sciences has updated the course pre-fix for BIOL and APPH courses (excluding APPH 1040 and APPH 1050) effective in the 2019-20 Catalog year. Students who have taken BIOL 1220, BIOL 1510, BIOL 1520 may still use those courses toward Core D requirements.

CHEM 1211KChemical Principles I4
CHEM 1212KChemical Principles II4
CHEM 1310General Chemistry4
BIOS 1220Biology of Sex & Death4
BIOS 1107
Biological Principles
and Biological Principles Laboratory 1
BIOS 1108
Organismal Biology
and Organismal Biology Laboratory 2
EAS 1600Introduction to Environmental Science4
EAS 1601Habitable Planet4
EAS 2600Earth Processes4
PHYS 2211Introductory Physics I4
PHYS 2212Introductory Physics II4


4-6 semester hours

All students with majors in the Colleges of Architecture, Engineering, and Science

MATH 1551Differential Calculus2
MATH 1553Introduction to Linear Algebra2

All students with majors in the College of Computing

MATH 1551Differential Calculus2
MATH 1554Linear Algebra4

All other majors1

Select one of the following:

MATH 1711Finite Mathematics4
or MATH 1551
MATH 1553
Differential Calculus
and Introduction to Linear Algebra

Honors versions of the above courses are also accepted.