Core Area E

Core Area E: Social Sciences

Area E is satisfied by completion of 12 credit hours as follows:

Select one of the following:3
The United States to 1877
The United States since 1877
Government of the United States
American Government in Comparative Perspective
American Constitutional Issues
Select 9 credit hours from the following list.9
Total Credit Hours12

Some social science courses also carry the ethics attribute. Those courses may be used to satisfy both the SOC SCI and the Ethics requirements. Credit not awarded for both POL 1101 and INTA 1200.

Any courses completed that were listed in prior catalogs as satisfying the humanities/social science requirement and were completed while that catalog was in effect may also be used to satisfy this requirement.

Academic units must formally request approval for courses they deem eligible to carry the Social Science attribute from the Institute Curriculum Committee and the University System of Georgia General Education Council.

Students can receive three credit hours for any one of:

Select one of the following:3
Economic Analysis and Policy Problems
The Global Economy
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
Total Credit Hours3

The only combination for which students can receive six credit hours is ECON 2105 together with ECON 2106.

Undergraduate Research courses numbered 2698, 2699, 4698, and 4699 cannot be used to fulfill requirements for Social Sciences.

Transfer Students: Please be aware that when you see courses on your GT record that are listed with an "X" in the number (ECON 3XXX or JAPN 10X2, for example) it means that these are transfer courses and although there were not equated exactly with a GT course, they may have been accepted to meet a Core area such as Humanities and Social Science.

If you review your records in DegreeWorks, you will be able to see how your transfer credit applies to your GT degree program. Refer to your academic advisor for more information.

Social Sciences Courses

ARCH 3135City Literacy3
ARCH 4107Introduction to Historic Preservation3
ARCH 4137Postwar Architecture and Urbanism in the U.S.: Design, Politics & History3
ARCH 4335The Social Practice of Architecture3
ARCH 4770Psychology and Environmental Design3
CP 4010Foundations of Urban and Regional Development3
CP 4020Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning3
CP 4030The City and Its Technology3
ECON 2100Economic Analysis and Policy Problems3
ECON 2101The Global Economy3
ECON 2105Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 2106Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 3300Economics of International Energy Markets3
ECON 4160Economic Forecasting3
ECON 4180Game Theory I3
ECON 4232Labor Economics3
ECON 4311Strategic Economics for Global Enterprise3
ECON 4340Economics of Industrial Competition3
ECON 4350International Economics3
ECON 4351International Financial Economics3
ECON 4355Global Financial Economics3
ECON 4357Law and Economics of the Global Trading System3
ECON 4411Economic Development3
ECON 4415Conflict and Security in Developing Countries3
ECON 4421Urban and Regional Economics3
ECON 4430Economics of Transportation and Communication Systems3
ECON 4440Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment3
ECON 4450Topics in African American Entrepreneurship3
ECON 4460Public Economics3
ECON 4510Economics of Health and Health Care3
ECON 4610Seminar in Economic Policy3
ECON 4620History of Economic Thought3
HIST 2111The United States to 18773
HIST 2112The United States since 18773
HTS 1001Introduction to History, Technology, and Society3
HTS 1031Europe Since the Renaissance3
HTS 1081Engineering in History3
HTS 2001Early American History3
HTS 2002The American Revolution and Constitution3
HTS 2006History of the Old South to 18653
HTS 2007History of the New South since 18653
HTS 2011The Gilded Age and the Progressive Era3
HTS 2013Modern America: World War II and After3
HTS 2015History of Sports in America3
HTS 2016Social Issues and Public Policy3
HTS 2017Environmental Sociology3
HTS 2018Food and Society3
HTS 2036Revolutionary Europe: 1789-19143
HTS 2037Twentieth Century Europe: 1914 to Present3
HTS 2040History of Islamic Societies3
HTS 2041History of the Modern Middle East3
HTS 2051Colonial Latin America and the World3
HTS 2052North American Borderlands3
HTS 2053Modern Latin American History3
HTS 2061Traditional Asia and Its Legacy3
HTS 2062Asia in the Modern World3
HTS 2080Introduction to the History of Disease and Medicine3
HTS 2081The Scientific Revolution3
HTS 2082Technology and Science in the Industrial Age3
HTS 2084Technology and Society3
HTS 2085Reel History I: US History through Hollywood Films3
HTS 2100Sci, Tech & Modern World3
HTS 2101Historical and Social Research3
HTS 3001American Economic History3
HTS 3002History of American Business3
HTS 3003Sociology of Economic Institutions3
HTS 3005American Environmental History3
HTS 3006United States Labor History3
HTS 3007Sociology of Work, Industry, and Occupations3
HTS 3008Class, Power, and Social Inequality3
HTS 3009The American Civil War3
HTS 3011The City in American History3
HTS 3012Urban Sociology3
HTS 3015History of the Vietnam War3
HTS 3016Women and Gender in the United States3
HTS 3017Sociology of Gender3
HTS 3018New Religions and Cults in America3
HTS 3019The Family, Sexuality, and Social Change in America3
HTS 3020Gender and Technology3
HTS 3021Women in Science and Engineering3
HTS 3022Gender and Sports3
HTS 3023Slaves without Masters: Free People of Color before 18653
HTS 3024African American History to 18653
HTS 3025African American History since 18653
HTS 3026Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
HTS 3027The Civil Rights Movement3
HTS 3028Ancient Greece: Gods, Heroes, and RuinS3
HTS 3029Ancient Rome: From Greatness to Ruins3
HTS 3030Medieval Europe: 350 to 14003
HTS 3031European Labor History3
HTS 3032Modern European Intellectual History3
HTS 3033Medieval England3
HTS 3035Britain from 1815-19143
HTS 3036Britain Since 19143
HTS 3038The French Revolution3
HTS 3039Modern France3
HTS 3041Modern Spain3
HTS 3043Modern Germany3
HTS 3045Nazi Germany and the Holocaust3
HTS 3046Science, Politics, and Culture in Nazi Germany3
HTS 3048Modern Russian History and Society3
HTS 3051Women and the Politics of Gender in the Middle East3
HTS 3055Globalization in the Modern Era3
HTS 3061Modern China3
HTS 3062Modern Japan3
HTS 3063Outposts of Empire: Comparative History of British3
HTS 3064Sociology of Development3
HTS 3065History of Global Societies3
HTS 3066Sociology of Politics and Society3
HTS 3067Revolutionary Movements in the Modern World3
HTS 3068Social Movements3
HTS 3069Modern Cuba3
HTS 3070Culture and Society3
HTS 3071Sociology of Crime3
HTS 3072Sociology of Education3
HTS 3073Sociology of Sports3
HTS 3082Sociology of Science3
HTS 3083Technology and the Shaping of American Society3
HTS 3084Culture and Technology3
HTS 3085Law, Technology, and Politics3
HTS 3086Sociology of Medicine and Health3
HTS 3087History of Medicine3
HTS 3088Race, Medicine & Science3
HTS 3089Science, Technology and Sports3
HTS 3100Introduction to Museum Studies3
HTS 3102Social Theory and Social Structure3
HTS 4001Seminar in United States History4
HTS 4011Seminar in Sociology4
HTS 4031Seminar in European History4
HTS 4061Seminar in Asian History4
HTS 4081Seminar in History of Technology4
INTA 1050The World Today3
INTA 1110Introduction to International Relations3
INTA 1200American Government in Comparative Perspective3
INTA 2030Ethics in International Affairs3
INTA 2040Science, Technology, and International Affairs3
INTA 2042Introduction to Global WMD Issues3
INTA 2050Introduction to Global Development3
INTA 2100Theoretical Approaches to Great Power Relations3
INTA 2120Introduction to International Security3
INTA 2210Comparative Political Philosophies and Ideologies3
INTA 2220Government and Politics of Europe3
INTA 2221Politics of the European Union3
INTA 2230Government and Politics of Asia3
INTA 2241Government, Politics and Society of Latin America3
INTA 2260Government, Politics and Society of the Middle East3
INTA 3010International Technology Transfer3
INTA 3012War in the 20th Century3
INTA 3020Contemporary Mexico3
INTA 3031Human Rights in a Technological World3
INTA 3040Energy, Environment, and Policy3
INTA 3042Energy and International Security3
INTA 3043Space Policy3
INTA 3044Global Politics of Technology3
INTA 3050The Meaning of Global Citizenship3
INTA 3101International Institutions3
INTA 3102The Problem of Proliferation3
INTA 3103The Challenge of Terrorism3
INTA 3104International Negotiations3
INTA 3110U.S. Foreign Policy3
INTA 3111U.S. Defense Policy3
INTA 3120European Security Issues3
INTA 3121Foreign Policies of Russia and Eurasia3
INTA 3130Foreign Policy of China3
INTA 3131Pacific Security Issues3
INTA 3203Comparative Politics3
INTA 3220Government and Politics of Germany3
INTA 3221Post-Soviet Government and Politics3
INTA 3223Transatlantic Relations3
INTA 3230Government and Politics of China3
INTA 3231Government and Politics of Japan3
INTA 3232Sustainable Megaregion3
INTA 3240Government and Politics of Africa3
INTA 3241Latin American Politics3
INTA 3242Soccer and Global Politics3
INTA 3243US - Latin American Relations3
INTA 3260Middle East Relations3
INTA 3301International Political Economy3
INTA 3303Political Economy of Development3
INTA 3304International Trade and Production3
INTA 3321Political Economy of European Integration3
INTA 3330Political Economy of China3
INTA 3331Political Economy of Japan3
INTA 4011Technology and Military Organization3
INTA 4040Environmental Politics3
INTA 4050International Affairs and Technology Policy Making3
INTA 4060International Law3
INTA 4101Politics of the Vietnam War3
INTA 4121Seminar in Europe: European Security3
INTA 4230Seminar in Europe: European Union3
INTA 4240Argentine Politics, History, and Culture3
INTA 4241Democracy in the Global South3
INTA 4330Chinese Economic Reform3
INTA 4331Chinese Politics in Transition3
INTA 4332Chinese Institutions and Policy Process3
INTA 4333Korean Security Policy3
INTA 4340Latin American Regional Economic and Political Integration3
INTA 4500Pro-Seminar in International Affairs3
POL 1101Government of the United States3
POL 2101State and Local Government3
PSYC 1101General Psychology3
PSYC 2015Research Methods4
PSYC 2103Human Development Over the Life Span3
PSYC 2210Social Psychology3
PSYC 2220Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 2230Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 2240Personality Theory3
PSYC 2250Cross-Cultural Psychology3
PSYC 2270Introduction to Engineering Psychology3
PSYC 2280Psychology of Creativity and Art3
PSYC 2760Human Language Processing3
PSYC 3012Introduction to Cognitive Psychology3
PSYC 3040Sensation and Perception3
PSYC 3041Human Sensation and Perception4
PSYC 4260Psychology of Aging3
PSYC 4770Psychology and Environmental Design3
PUBP 2010Political Processes3
PUBP 2012Foundations of Public Policy3
PUBP 2030Organizations and Policy3
PUBP 3000American Constitutional Issues3
PUBP 3016Judicial Process3
PUBP 3020Applied Political Economy3
PUBP 3030Policy Analysis3
PUBP 3042Data Science for Public Policy3
PUBP 3120Statistical Analysis for Public Policy3
PUBP 3130Research Methods and Problem Solving3
PUBP 3201Introduction to Social Policy3
PUBP 3214African American Politics3
PUBP 3230STEM Education Policy3
PUBP 3315Environmental Policy and Politics3
PUBP 3320Climate Policy3
PUBP 3350Energy Policy3
PUBP 3510Politics and Policy3
PUBP 3600Sustainability, Technology, and Policy3
PUBP 3610Pre-Law Seminar3
PUBP 4010Policy Task Force I3
PUBP 4020Policy Task Force II3
PUBP 4111Internet and Public Policy3
PUBP 4120Survey Research Methods3
PUBP 4130Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation3
PUBP 4140Foundations of Leadership3
PUBP 4200Social Policy Issues3
PUBP 4211Urban Policy3
PUBP 4212Women and Public Policy3
PUBP 4214Gender, Science, Technology, and Public Policy3
PUBP 4226Business and Government3
PUBP 4260Economic Development Policy and Planning3
PUBP 4338Environmental Impact Assessment3
PUBP 4410Science, Technology, and Public Policy3
PUBP 4414Technology, Innovation, and Policy3
PUBP 4416Critical Issues in Science and Technology3
PUBP 4440Science, Technology, and Regulation3
PUBP 4501Info Policy & Management3
PUBP 4514Mass Communication Policy3
PUBP 4600Senior Seminar/Thesis3
PUBP 4609Legal Practice3
PUBP 4640Technology Law, Policy, and Management3
PUBP 4650Internet Law3
SOC 1101Introduction to Sociology3

Social Sciences Courses that Also Satisfy Ethics Requirement

HTS 1081Engineering in History3
HTS 2061Traditional Asia and Its Legacy3
HTS 2084Technology and Society3
HTS 2100Sci, Tech & Modern World3
HTS 3032Modern European Intellectual History3
INTA 2030Ethics in International Affairs3
PSYC 1101General Psychology3
PSYC 2015Research Methods4
PSYC 2210Social Psychology3
PSYC 2220Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 2230Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 2240Personality Theory3
PSYC 2270Introduction to Engineering Psychology3
PUBP 3600Sustainability, Technology, and Policy3