Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Courses

A senior with a grade-point average (GPA) of at least 2.7 may enroll in a graduate course if the student obtains permission from the school or department offering the course.

Up to twelve credit hours earned as an undergraduate student may count toward earning a master's degree if the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. The student was in residence at Georgia Tech for at least two semesters before registering for the course(s).
  2. The student did not use the course(s) toward a bachelor's degree. Special exceptions may apply, as described below. Students may use either option but cannot combine options listed below.
    1. Graduate Course Option
      1. If a student pursues both a bachelor’s and master’s at Georgia Tech, and if both degrees are in the same discipline, they may apply up to six credit hours of graduate-level credit to satisfying the requirements for both degrees while still completing all other requirements for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Because some master’s degree programs do not have a unique undergraduate counterpart program, and because some master’s programs are offered by several schools, the definition of “discipline” will be broadly interpreted in such cases. To qualify for this option, a student must complete the bachelor's degree with a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher and must complete the master’s degree within a two-year period following the award date of the bachelor’s degree.
    2. BSMS Option
      1. The BSMS Options are formalized Graduate Course Option agreements between an undergraduate program and graduate program. These options allow a maximum of 6 hours that can be applied toward the bachelor’s degree program and the master’s program. These options include their own admission criteria into the master’s program and their own GPA requirements. They also typically include research and mentoring components for eligible students. Students still must complete all requirements for the bachelor’s and master’s program. The master’s degree must be completed within a two-year period following the award date of the bachelor’s degree.

See BS/MS Options for specific BS/MS Option information regarding specific admission requirements, GPA requirements and which courses may be eligible to share between a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.