College of Engineering (COE)

COE 1000. Freshman Engineering Seminar. 1 Credit Hour.

An introduction to the engineering profession featuring presentations about the undergraduate degree programs at Georgia Tech with a focus on career options.

COE 2001. Statics. 2 Credit Hours.

Elements of statics in two and three dimensions, free-body diagrams, distributed loads, centroids, and friction.

COE 2701. Startup Lab: Introduction to Technology Ventures. 3 Credit Hours.

Elements of technology venture creation including opportunity identification and validation, ideation, customer discovery, market analysis, minimum viable product development, business models, intellectual property, and capital raises.

COE 2801. Special Topics. 1 Credit Hour.

Special Topics.

COE 3001. Mechanics of Deformable Bodies. 3 Credit Hours.

Stress and strain analysis applied to beams, vessels, pipes, and combined loading; stress and strain transformations; beam deflection; column buckling.

COE 3002. Intro to Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Revolution. 3 Credit Hours.

Introduction to microelectronics and nanotechnology: the communications revolution, Moore's law, semiconductors, transistors, MEMS, photonics, analylsis of common technological objects, global impact on technology and society.

COE 3803. Special Topics. 3 Credit Hours.

COE 4803. Special Topics. 3 Credit Hours.