Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Aerospace Engineering

The School of Aerospace Engineering offers a doctoral degree. The PhD degree is a research degree.

The degree requires fifty semester hours of coursework beyond the bachelor's degree; however, the main emphasis is on the research leading to a PhD dissertation. The candidate must pass a qualifying examination and present a thesis proposal and a thesis defense. A GPA of 3.25 is required to graduate with a PhD degree. All coursework, including Special Problems, must be taken on a letter-grade basis. The programs of study for both the master's and doctoral degrees are very flexible and can be tailored, in agreement with the student's advisor, to meet the candidate's professional goals.

For further details governing the graduate program, access the Aerospace Engineering Graduate Handbook at Graduate students may specialize in the following areas: aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, aeroelasticity and structural dynamics, flight mechanics and control, propulsion and combustion, structural mechanics and materials behavior, and system design and optimization. Further information on these areas of specialization and research can be found at