Professional Master's in Applied Systems Engineering

PMASE is a comprehensive system engineering program designed to give practicing engineers the mathematical, scientific, and engineering foundation to develop, deploy, and evaluate various modeling and analysis strategies. PMASE students explore these skills by engaging in real-world projects and practical examples while engaging with faculty who are practitioners in the field.  

It is a rigorous graduate degree designed to build deep expertise. You will:  

  • Develop systems thinking skills that support employing various analytic strategies to develop a holistic perspective of the relationships among systems components and the environment.  
  • Develop the capacity to apply modeling and simulation to determine and apply the best modeling and simulation approaches.  
  • Apply Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) techniques through system lifecycle.  
  • Assess tools and techniques, resources, organizational systems, and decision-making processes for the successful management of projects. 
  • Leverage skills and knowledge from PMASE program to learn and incorporate emerging systems engineering methods and technologies. 
  • Create a foundation for the SE Professional Certification through the International Council on Systems Engineering (ICSE).  

The flexible, innovative curriculum allows you to learn while you stay in your current job. Program highlights include:  

  • A graduate degree in two years. 
  • Focus on one course at a time by taking two half-semester courses each fall and spring.   
  • The hybrid format that blends face-to-face instruction and 24/7 online learning. 
  • Mandatory live video conference sessions two to three times during the course on Friday (1-5 p.m.) and Saturday (10 a.m. - 5 p.m.). You will receive specific dates before starting the program via our two-year schedule. 
  • A team-based, hands-on capstone where you receive input from and collaborate with an industry sponsor to solve a real-world problem.  
  • Visit the Atlanta campus three times over two years and meet with your cohort to network, collaborate, and build community.   

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The PMASE program is a two-year program divided into core curriculum courses and complex systems courses and is delivered in a cohort model.  A cohort is a group of students working towards a common degree and taking the same classes on the same schedule through completion of the degree.  During the Fall Term of the cohort’s second year in the program, the students select a domain elective from the options available.  Currently the elective options available are in the domains of sensors systems (ASE 6111), information systems (ASE 6121) and human systems integration (ASE 6131). The prerequisite for the domain electives is ASE 6006, Systems Engineering Laboratory. 

Core Curriculum:
ASE 6001Fundamentals of Modern Systems Engineering3
ASE 6002Systems Design and Analysis3
ASE 6003Modeling and Simulation for Systems Engineers3
ASE 6004Leading Systems Engineering Teams3
ASE 6005Advanced Topics in Systems Engineering: Systems Modeling with SysML3
ASE 6006Systems Engineering Laboratory3
Complex System Sequence:
Domain Electives (Choose one):3
Sensor Systems Analysis and Synthesis
Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis
Analysis and Synthesis: Human Systems Integration
ASE 6102System of Systems and Architecture3
ASE 6103Complex System Lifecycle and Integration3
ASE 6104Complex System Design and Integration (Capstone)3
Total Credit Hours30