Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering - Computing Hardware & Emerging Architectures and Telecommunications

APPH 1040Scientific Foundations of Health2
or APPH 1050 The Science of Physical Activity and Health
or APPH 1060 Flourishing: Strategies for Well-being and Resilience
Core A - Essential Skills
ENGL 1101English Composition I3
ENGL 1102English Composition II3
MATH 1552Integral Calculus 24
Core B - Institutional Options
CS 1301Introduction to Computing 23
Core C - Humanities
Any HUM 16
Core D - Science, Math, & Technology
PHYS 2211Introductory Physics I 24
PHYS 2212Introductory Physics II 24
MATH 1551Differential Calculus 22
MATH 1554Linear Algebra 24
Core E - Social Sciences
Choose one of the following:3
The United States to 1877
The United States since 1877
American Government in Comparative Perspective
Government of the United States
American Constitutional Issues
Choose one of the following:3
Economic Analysis and Policy Problems
The Global Economy
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
Any SS6
Core F - Courses Related to Major
ECE 1100ECE Discovery Studio1
ECE 2020Digital System Design 23
ECE 3005Professional and Technical Communications for ECE1
CS 1331Introduction to Object Oriented Programming 23
CS 1332Data Structures and Algorithms for Applications 23
CS 2050Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science 23
or CS 2051 Honors - Induction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
MATH 2550Introduction to Multivariable Calculus 22
MATH 2552Differential Equations 24
CHEM 1310General Chemistry4
or CHEM 1211K Chemical Principles I
Ethics 1
Probability/Statistics 43
Major Requirements
ECE 2031Digital Design Laboratory 22
ECE 2035Programming for Hardware/Software Systems 34
ECE 2040Circuit Analysis 33
ECE 3058Architecture, Systems, Concurrency, and Energy in Computation 24
Computing Hardware & Emerging Architectures 2,6
ECE 3150VLSI and Advanced Digital Design4
ECE 3030Physical Foundations of Computer Engineering3
Select one of the following (Embedded Systems): 2,63
Programming Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems Design
Embedded Computing Systems
Select one of the following (Integration, Devices & Fabrication): 2,63
Advanced VLSI Systems
Digital Integrated Circuits
IC Fabrication
Introduction to Electronic Systems Packaging
Select one of the following (Computer Architecture): 2,63
Advanced Computer Architecture
Cloud Computing
Telecommunications 2,6
ECE 2026Introduction to Signal Processing3
Select one of the following: 2,63
Computer Communications
Computer Networking I
Select one of the following: 2,63
Communication Systems
Wireless Communications
Select one of the following: 2,63
Signals and Systems
Electromagnetic and Microwave Applications
Antenna Engineering
Optical Engineering
Communication Systems
Topics in Networks
Wireless Communications
Mobile and Wireless Networks
Telecommunication Electives 2,6
ECE 3000/4000-level Elective 83
Culminating Senior Design Options (Capstone)
Culminating Senior Design 53
Free Electives 3,78
Total Credit Hours129

Pass-fail only allowed for Humanities Electives, Social Sciences Electives, Free Electives, ECE 1100, and ECE 3005

Courses that are cross-listed with ECE must be taken under the ECE number.