Graduate Embedded Certificate in Public Policy

The School of Public Policy offers a certificate in public policy to Ph.D. students from other Schools around campus. The goal of the certificate program is to provide a basic but well-rounded introduction to public policy thinking to Georgia Tech graduate students. The program is designed to address the needs of scientists, engineers, management scholars and others who seek to be more aware of policy, regulatory, ethical, and societal implications of science, technology and innovation. The program will provide breadth and context for those entering employment in any sector. The courses in the program explore the processes through which policy is made.

Although this certificate is not available to policy students, the courses are open to all graduate students, creating an opportunity for students to gain value from divergent perspectives.

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Program of Study

Required courses, choose one (1):3
Fundamentals of Policy Processes
Public Policy Analysis
Analytical Methods
Research Design in Policy Science
Applied Policy Methods and Data Analysis
Economic Development
Economic Development Analysis and Practice
Urban Development Policy
Technology, Regions, and Policy
Foundations of Local Economic Development Planning and Policy
Innovation, the State and Industrial Development in International Perspecitve
Geography of Innovation
Economics for Public Policy
Microeconomics for Policy Analysis
Public Finance Policy
Ethics and Values
Ethics, Epistemology, and Public Policy
Environmental Values and Policy Goals
Environmental & Energy Policy
Environmental Issues
Economics of Environmental Policy
Policy Tools for Environmental Management
Environmental Values and Policy Goals
Sustainability and Environmental Policy
Energy Technology Policy
Information Technology
Internet and Public Policy
Information Policy and Management
Information and Communications Technology Policy
Public Administration
Organization Theory
Public Management
Policy Implementation and Administration
Business and Government
Science and Technology Policy
Science, Technology, and Public Policy
Research Policy and Management
Scientific Careers and Workplaces
Critical Perspectives on Science and Technology
Science, Technology, and Regulation
Comparative Science and Technology Policy
Special Topics
Total Credit Hours12