Master of Science with a Major in Management

The undesignated Master of Science degree program serves students whose educational and career goals may not be best served by the MBA program. Under these circumstances, the student may pursue a specially tailored master's-level curriculum that satisfies the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) common body of knowledge requirements and provides a coherent concentration of elective courses chosen in consultation with an academic advisor. This specialized degree program is designed primarily for students who are admitted to Georgia Tech in approved foreign education programs, but may also be completed by students in the PhD program who are unable to complete the full doctoral degree. Admission to this program must be approved by the MBA Admissions Committee prior to enrollment.

The Master of Science with a major in Management requires a total of 30 credit hours. All courses must be completed for a letter grade.

Program of Study for Management Track
MGT 8812Special Topics1.5
MGT 6501Operations Management1.5
MGT 6502Leading People and Organizations1.5
MGT 6503Managing Information Resources1.5
MGT 6504Principles of Finance1.5
MGT 6505Marketing Management1.5
MGT 6509Legal and Ethical Considerations in Business1.5
MGT 6518Strategy Fundamentals1.5
Elective Requirements18
Total Credit Hours30
Program of Study for Research Track
Core 112
Elective Requirements 218
Total Credit Hours30

The core requirements of this track include at least 12 hours of courses from a list of approved courses, which can be found under the Core Course Options list.


Eighteen 6000/7000/8000-level elective credit hours will be required in addition to the Research Track core.

Elective Course Options 
Electives for Management Track
MGT 6010Individual Taxation: Analysis and Planning3
MGT 6015Managerial Accounting II3
MGT 6020Financial Reporting and Analysis I3
MGT 6022Financial Reporting and Analysis II3
MGT 6028Financial Analysis and Reporting of Technology Firms3
MGT 6029Financial Statement Analysis3
MGT 6030International Accounting3
MGT 6042Auditing and Financial Control Systems3
MGT 6043Advanced Financial Reporting3
MGT 6046Applications of Data Analytics in Accounting3
MGT 6051Database Development and Applications3
MGT 6056Electronic Commerce-Conducting Business on the Internet3
MGT 6057Business Process Analysis and Design3
MGT 6059Emerging Technologies3
MGT 6070International Finance3
MGT 6074Fintech & Cryptocurrencies3
MGT 6076Valuing Technology Firms3
MGT 6078Basic Finance and Investments3
MGT 6080Investments3
MGT 6086Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity3
MGT 6090Management of Financial Institutions3
MGT 6107Leadership and Organizational Change3
MGT 6110Negotiation and Conflict Resolution3
MGT 6113ProBono Non-Profit Consulting Projects3
MGT 6114Leadership Development3
MGT 6116The Role of Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Organizational Behavior3
MGT 6118Cross-Cultural Management3
MGT 6119Leading Teams in Organizations3
MGT 6164Corporate Strategy3
MGT 6165Venture Creation3
MGT 6182Work, Equity and Wellness3
MGT 6185International Business Environments3
MGT 6190Current Thinking In Strategy3
MGT 6197Global Strategic Management3
MGT 6213Business Analytics for Managers3
MGT 6214Business Analytics Practicum3
MGT 6302Consumer Behavior3
MGT 6308Strategic Brand Management3
MGT 6310Marketing Research: Analytics3
MGT 6311Digital Marketing3
MGT 6312Marketing Research: Tools and Design3
MGT 6314Understanding Markets with Data Science3
MGT 6315Marketing Analysis3
MGT 6325Product Planning3
MGT 6326Collaborative Product Development3
MGT 6345Marketing Practicum3
MGT 6352International Practicum3
MGT 6353Operations Strategy3
MGT 6357Service Operations Management3
MGT 6359Business Strategies For Sustainability3
MGT 6360Global Operations and Supply Chain Management3
MGT 6369Sustainable Business Practicum3
MGT 6400Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management3
MGT 6401Supply Chain Modeling3
MGT 6405Lean Six Sigma3
MGT 6450Project Management3
MGT 6451Business Intelligence and Analytics3
MGT 6452Machine Learning for Business3
MGT 6655Business Data Preparation and Visualization3
MGT 6663Technology Strategy3
MGT 6664Managing Innovation3
MGT 6665Strategy Execution3
MGT 6667Strategic Entrepreneurship3
MGT 6668Behavioral Economics3
MGT 6725Information Security Strategies and Policies3
MGT 6726Privacy, Technology, Policy, and Law3
MGT 6727Privacy for Professionals3
MGT 6772Managing Resources of the Technological Firm3
MGT 6789Technology Ventures3
MGT 6801TI:GER Innovation Analysis3
MGT 6802TI:GER Innovation and Business Model Design3
MGT 6803TI:GER Innovation Execution3
MGT 6821TI:GER Innovation Research Methods 11.5
MGT 6822TI:GER Innovation Research Methods 21.5
Elective Course Options for Research Track
CS 7641Machine Learning3
ECON 6105Macroeconomics3
ECON 6121Research Methods3
ECON 6140Econometrics I3
ECON 6160Econometrics II3
ECON 6161Econometric Modeling and Forecasting3
ECON 7004Mathematics for Economists3
ECON 7012Microeconomic Theory I3
ECON 7013Microeconomic Theory II3
ECON 7022Econometrics I3
ECON 7023Econometrics II3
ECON 7111Industrial Organization I3
ECON 7112Industrial Organization II3
ISYE 6230Economic Decision Analysis3
ISYE 6401Statistical Modeling and Design of Experiments3
ISYE 6402Time Series Analysis3
ISYE 6404Nonparametric Data Analysis3
ISYE 6411Fundamentals of Statistics with Applications3
ISYE 6412Theoretical Statistics3
ISYE 6413Design and Analysis of Experiments3
ISYE 6414Statistical Modeling and Regression Analysis3
ISYE 6416Computational Statistics3
ISYE 6420Introduction to Theory and Practice of Bayesian Statistics3
ISYE 6501Intro Analytics Modeling3
ISYE 6644Simulation3
ISYE 6650Probabilistic Models and Their Applications3
ISYE 6656Queuing Theory3
ISYE 6661Linear Optimization3
ISYE 6662Discrete Optimization3
ISYE 6663Nonlinear Optimization3
ISYE 6664Stochastic Optimization3
ISYE 6669Deterministic Optimization3
ISYE 6739Basic Statistical Methods3
ISYE 6761Stochastic Processes I3
ISYE 6762Stochastic Processes II3
ISYE 6831Advanced Simulation3
ISYE 7201Production and Service Systems Engineering3
ISYE 7400Advanced Design of Experiments3
ISYE 7401Advanced Statistical Modeling3
ISYE 7405Multivariate Data Analysis3
ISYE 7441Linear Statistical Models I3
MATH 6338Real Analysis II3
MGT 6066Mergers and Acquisitions3
MGT 6070International Finance3
MGT 6080Investments3
MGT 6081Derivative Securities3
MGT 6090Management of Financial Institutions3
MGT 7064Microeconomics Theory for Management3
MGT 7101Human Resources Management3
MGT 7102Organization Behavior Research Methods3
MGT 7105Individual Behavior in Organizations3
MGT 7106Group Dynamics3
MGT 7107Organizational Theory3
MGT 7308Theory Construction in the Social Sciences3
MGT 7400PhD Strategic Management Research I3
MGT 7601Financial Accounting & Reporting Research Seminar3
MGT 7602Management Accounting Research Seminar3
MGT 7603PhD Seminar in Auditing Research3
MGT 7604Seminar in Modern Capital Markets Research3
MGT 7605Advanced Empirical Methods for Information Systems 1.5
MGT 7606Analytical Modeling Foundations for IS 1.5
MGT 7607Economics of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning 1.5
MGT 7608Experimental Research in Information Systems1.5
MGT 7609Observational Studies in IS1.5
MGT 8803Special Topics in Management (Intro to Industrial Organization)3
PSYC 6011Cognitive Psychology3
PSYC 6012Social Psychology3
PSYC 6013Biopsychology3
PSYC 6014Sensation and Perception3
PSYC 6018Principles of Research Design3
PSYC 6019Statistical Analysis of Psychological Data I5
PSYC 6020Statistical Analysis of Psychological Data II5
PSYC 6021Personality Theories3
PSYC 6795Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PSYC 7201Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 7203Motivation and Job Attitudes3
PSYC 7301Introduction to Multivariate Statistics3
PSYC 7302Structural Equation Modeling3
PSYC 7790Cognitive Modeling4
PSYC 8000Seminar in Experimental Psychology3
PSYC 8010Seminar in Cognitive Psychology3
PSYC 8060Seminar in Quantitative Psychology3
PSYC 8803Special Topics in Applied Statistics3
PUBP 6014Organization Theory3
PUBP 6116Microeconomics for Policy Analysis3
PUBP 8200Advanced Research Methods I3
PUBP 8205Advanced Research Methods II3