BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering

The Woodruff School offers a BS/MS program for those students who demonstrate an interest in and ability for additional education beyond the BS degree. Mechanical engineering students are eligible to apply to the program after the completion of 30 semester credit hours at Georgia Tech and appropriate progress in their degree program. One of the advantages of the program is that it allows students to use 6 hours of free-elective credit to be counted towards both the BS and the MS degree. Therefore, students should apply to the program at least three semesters prior to graduation in order to take full advantage of the Graduate Course Option. Students must have a Georgia Tech GPA of 3.5 or higher for admission into the BS/MS Program. Further information, rules, and restrictions may be found at the Woodruff School site. 

Participants in the BS/MS Program in the Woodruff School can obtain a master's degree in mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, medical physics, or in Georgia Tech's interdisciplinary bioengineering graduate program. There are two options to consider:

Non-Thesis Option

The Non-Thesis Option is completed by taking 10 classes according to the MS degree requirements. With proper planning, most MS non-thesis degrees could be completed within three semesters beyond the BS degree.

Thesis Option

The Thesis Option involves working with a faculty member on a project in a wide range of research topics being investigated by Woodruff School faculty members. This will give the student hands-on experience in working with a faculty mentor; the opportunity to work in a laboratory or a research environment; and the chance to perform cutting edge theoretical and experimental work. These efforts will foster the student's career interests and expand their job prospects with certain employers. In some cases, a student will receive a graduate research assistantship, which includes a stipend and a tuition waiver.

BS/MS Information