Minor in Air Force Leadership Studies

The minor will familiarize the student with entry level concepts of military leadership with an emphasis on Air Force & Space Force history, technology, and organization. 

AS 1110Foundations of the Air Force I1
AS 1120Foundations of the Air Force II1
AS 2210Evolution of U.S. Air and Space Power I1
AS 2220Evolution of U.S. Air and Space Power II1
AS 3310Leadership Studies I3
AS 3320Leadership Studies II3
AS 4410National Security Affairs3
AS 4420Preparation for Active Duty3
Total Credit Hours16
  • A minimum of 9 credit hours of upper-division coursework must constitute the required 16 credit hours of minor course work.
  • Students may not repeat any course for double credit. 
  • All AS courses must be completed with a C letter grade or greater.
  • Cumulative GPA in the AS Courses must be a 2.0 or greater.