Minor in Microeconomics of Strategic Analysis

The Minor in Microeconomics of Strategic Analysis (MESA) is designed around microeconomic theory courses pertaining to strategic decision making. Students will learn not only core microeconomic theory, but also advanced micro theory concepts and tools pertaining to the economics of strategic decision-making, including game theory, industrial organization, behavioral economics, network economics, and the economics of information. These are well-established fields of theoretical microeconomics that have applications in key sectors including (but not limited to) manufacturing, marketing, health, computer science, and business.

Program of Study

The MESA minor requires students to complete a minimum of 15 semester hours in Economics.

All courses completed toward the minor must be taken for Letter Grade with an overall GPA of at least 2.0. 

Courses that fulfill elective requirements may also be used toward the MESA minor. Courses that fulfill economics requirements for a major may not be used toward the MESA minor.

Students who major in Economics will not be eligible for a MESA minor.

Required courses:
ECON 3110Advanced Microeconomic Analysis3
ECON 4180Game Theory I3
Select nine (9) hours from the following:9
Mathematics for Economic Modeling
Game Theory II
Economics of Industrial Competition
Network Economics
ECON 4803
Behavioral Economics
Total Credit Hours15