Minor in Quantum Sciences and Technology

In response to the explosion of research, development, investment, and employment opportunities in quantum information science taking place across academia, national labs, and private industry, the Georgia Tech School of Physics is now offering a new Minor in Quantum Sciences and Technology. The minor program is open to all Georgia Tech students, regardless of major, who are interested in learning more about:

  •        Quantum Information Theory
  •        Applications of Quantum Information to Measurement Science
  •        Quantum Materials
  •        Quantum Computation
  •        Quantum Algorithms
  •        Quantum Communication

or any other quantum science related topics. For students majoring in math, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, or math, this offers a great foundation in quantum physics and applications to quantum information science for those students interested in graduate study or employment in burgeoning quantum industries. For physics students, the minor provides a breadth of applied knowledge, again aimed at students looking to move into this rapidly growing, interdisciplinary field. 

PHYS 3143Quantum Mechanics I3
PHYS 4143Quantum Mechanics II3
Quantum Physics Elective3
Atomic Physics
Solid-state Physics
Nuclei, Particles, and Fields
Laser Theory and Applications
Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
Quantum Technologies
Additional Electives6
Any Quantum Physics elective from above (not taken)
Undergraduate Research (Up to 3 credit hours)
Physical Chemistry II
Chemistry of the Solid State
Computational Chemistry
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Programming Embedded Systems
Automata and Complexity Theory
Scientific Data Processing and Visualization
Semiconductor Devices
Feedback Control Systems
A Second Course in Linear Algebra
Introduction to Abstract Algebra I
Introduction to Abstract Algebra II
Analysis I
Analysis II
Other courses approve by Minor Advisor
Total Credit Hours15