Minor in Robotics

The Schools of Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Interactive Computing, and Mechanical Engineering offer a minor in robotics for students majoring in any discipline.

The Robotics Minor provides a concentrated experience in the multidisciplinary field of robotics.

Program of Study

Required Robotics Courses
Select one course:3
Introduction to Perception and Robotics
Introduction to Automation and Robotics
Medical Robotics
Elective Courses
Choose at least one course from 2 of the 4 core categories:12
Introduction to Humans & Autonomy
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Robot Intelli Planning
Embedded and Hybrid Control Systems
Control System Analysis and Design
Feedback Control Systems
Control of Dynamic Systems
Control System Design
Modeling and Control of Motion Systems
Fundamentals of Mechatronics
Dynamics of Rigid Bodies
System Dynamics and Vibration
Structural Vibrations
Biomedical Sensors and Instrumentation
Biomedical Instrumentation
Introduction to Medical Image Processing
Introduction to Computer Vision
Pattern Recognition
Introduction to Signal Processing
Embedded Systems Design
Applications of Digital Signal Processing
Total Credit Hours15

AE/BMED/ME/ECE/CS 4699 Undergraduate Research in robotics or autonomous systems (3 hours) may be used to fulfill one of the 4 core requirements. This research must be completed with a robotics faculty member and requires a final report that highlights its linkage to the respective core: Autonomy, Controls, Mechanics, and Perception.

Additional Restrictions on the 15 hours of credit for the Robotics Minor:

  • At least two courses must be taken outside of the student’s home school.  Cross-listed courses, such as those marked with an * in the list above, cannot count as being “outside the home school” for any of the students who are from the schools that cross list that course.
  • Courses must be taken from two or more schools.
  • All courses from the minor must be passed with a grade of C or higher.
  • No more than one 2000-level course may be used towards the minor.
  • No course that is required (by name and number) in the student’s major discipline can be counted towards the student’s minor.  No course that is considered equivalent to a required course in the student’s major is allowed for the minor.
  • No course counted towards the Robotics Minor can be used for any other undergraduate minor or certificate.