Bachelor of Science in Music Technology

The undergraduate program in the School of Music leads to a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology. In the program, students understand the role of technology in enabling new ways to access, consume, and create music. Students master the fundamentals of musicianship and audio technology and further develop these skills through a series of hands-on learning experiences across a spectrum of creative and technical domains. Students learn to create new music with technology, develop new technologies for making music, and conduct scientific research that expands our knowledge of how both humans and machines engage with music. Student projects span areas such as robotic musicianship, music informatics, brain music, and computational and cognitive musicology.

The program combines technical and artistic topics to produce graduates who have both a strong technical and creative portfolio. Students choose from a concentration in Mechanical Engineering (with a focus either in Acoustics and Vibrations or Controls and Robotics); a concentration in Electrical and Computer Engineering (with a focus on signal processing); or a general concentration in which they pursue a minor such as Computing and People or Industrial Design.

Please note that a portfolio is required for admission into the BSMT program. For more information, visit

BS/MS Option in Music Technology

Students will be eligible to apply for the program after completion of 30 semester credit hours at Georgia Tech and appropriate progress in their degree program. As a practical matter, students should apply for the program at least three semesters prior to graduation in order to take graduate-level courses prior to receiving their BS degree. Students must have a Georgia Tech GPA of 3.5 or higher for admission into the BS/MS Program in Music Technology. This program is available only to those completing a Bachelor's degree in music technology. Admissions decisions will be based on GPA and a portfolio review by the School of Music’s Graduate Program Committee.

Students in the joint BS/MS program remain undergraduates until they meet the requirements for the bachelor's degree, at which point they will receive the BSMT degree. Their status will then be changed to graduate status. Graduate school application fees and the GRE requirements are waived. Once admitted, a GPA of at least 3.0 must be maintained to remain in the program. Additionally, students in the BS/MS program are eligible to use the Graduate Course Option even if their cumulative grade-point average is below 3.5 at the time they complete their bachelor's degree. The program will not penalize students who opt out after the bachelor’s degree.

Note the following:

  • BS/MS students may combine any concentration in the Bachelor of Science in Music Technology with either the project or thesis track in the Master of Science in Music Technology.
  • BS/MS students will be expected to complete Intro to Audio Technology II before enrolling in any graduate-level coursework. This course is typically taken by students in their fourth semester of undergraduate study.
  • Six credit hours may be counted towards both the undergraduate and graduate degrees as follows:
    • MUSI 6001 (Music Perception & Cognition), a requirement for the MS degree, can also fulfill the requirement of MUSI 4677 (Music Perception & Cognition) for the BS degree.
    • MUSI 6103 (Music Recording & Mixing), an elective for the MS degree, can also fulfill the requirement of MUSI 4630 (Music Recording & Mixing) for the BS degree.
    • Any other MUSI 6XXX course that fulfills a core or elective requirement for the MSMT can also be used to fulfill the MUSI Upper Division Elective Requirement for the BSMT.