Undergraduate Embedded Certificate in Architecture and Society

The Certificate in Architecture and Society will provide both Architecture majors and students majoring in other disciplines an opportunity to explore the technological and formal innovations of architecture and infrastructure within their socio-political and cultural contexts. They will learn not only about buildings’ technical systems—and their material, structural, and climatic performance—but also about their formal order, siting, use, funding/patronage, relation to nature or the city, decoration, and multiple interpretive contexts (philosophical, political, religious, civic, literary, etc.)

This certificate is intended to deepen Architecture majors’ knowledge of the historical traditions, theoretical formulations, and critical assessments of architecture by allowing them to cluster several of their elective courses in an intellectually coherent, focused way. For non-majors, it offers an opportunity to gain expertise and build confidence in the analysis of architecture by learning how to articulate, contextualize, and critique central architectural concepts of the past and present.

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Program of Study

Required Courses6
For Architecure majors:
History of Urban Form
ARCH 4803 or ARCH 4823
Theory of Architecture I or Theory of Architecture II
For non-Architecture majors:
History of Urban Form
History of Architecture I
History of Architecture II
Introduction to Historic Preservation
Medieval Architecture
Atlanta Architecture
Postwar Architecture and Urbanism in the U.S.: Design, Politics & History
Form and Narrative: Cross Media Analysis
Architecture and Discourse of the Everyday
Museums: History, Theory, Design
On Growth and Form
Traditions of Architectural Practice
The Social Practice of Architecture
Architecture, Space and Culture
Art and Architecture in Classical Greece
Art and Architecture in Italy I
Art and Architecture in Italy II
Total Credit Hours12
  • All courses must be completed with a 'C' grade or higher
  • Courses used to satisfy the certificate requirements may be used to fulfill free electives required by the Institute, as well as Architecture electives for Architecture majors.