Undergraduate Embedded Certificate in Business Analytics

The Undergraduate Business Analytics Certificate offered by Scheller College provides training in statistics, and in data analysis, management and visualization, as well as in applications of analytics techniques to different business areas.

The objective of the Undergraduate Business Analytics certificate is to prepare students to structure, transform and analyze data to gain insights that will improve business intelligence and managerial decision-making.

This certificate is available to all undergraduate students at Georgia Tech.

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Program of Study

Core Requirement
MGT 4050Business Analytics3
Three (3) courses chosen from the following:9
Marketing Research: Qualitative Aspects
Business Programming
Financial Analysis and Reporting of Technology Firms
Business Process Analysis and Design
Database Management Systems
Business Forecasting
Database and CRM Strategy
Revenue Analytics
Privacy, Technology, Policy, and Law
MGT 4803
Data Visualization
MGT 4803
Pricing Strategy and Analytics
MGT 4803
Understanding Markets with Data Science
Introduction to Information Visualization
Total Credit Hours12
  • Student must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all of the courses to qualify for the certificate.
  • Please check the course catalog while planning a schedule. Many of these courses require prerequisites which will not be waived. However, there are several allowed substitutions for MGT 2250 as a prerequisite for MGT 4181, including: BMED 2400, BIOL 4401, ECON 2250, ISyE 2028 *and* ISyE 2027, ISyE 3770, MATH 3215, MATH 3225, MATH 3770 *or* MATH 3670, PSYC 2020, and PUPB 3120 (was PUBP 4113). For MGT 2251 as a prerequisite for MGT 4367, ISyE 4133 is an allowed substitution.