Undergraduate Embedded Certificate in Marketing

Marketing is the activity of business that is primarily responsible for developing the sales revenue of the firm. As such, marketing is concerned with developing new products and services and improving the existing offering to develop a steady and profitable sales stream. There are many supporting activities that have an impact on sales, including personal selling and promotion and developing good trade relationships for which marketing is responsible. The marketing of technology-based products is growing in importance along with international aspects of marketing, and these subjects are addressed.

Program of Study

The Scheller College of Business offers a Certificate in Marketing to both Business Administration and Non-business administration majors. 

To qualify for the Marketing Certificate, students must earn at least a "C" in MGT 3300, and must earn a "B" average in MGT 3310 and the three electives.

Any elective course taught by Marketing faculty in the CoM will count toward the Marketing Certificate.

Up to 6 credit hours of special topics (MGT 4803) courses can count toward any one certificate. Credit for Special Topics (MGT 4803) instances of courses will not be awarded duplicate credit if permanent course listing is also completed.

Required courses (Group A):
MGT 3300Marketing Management I 13
MGT 3310Marketing Research: Qualitative Aspects 23
Select three (3) from the following (Group B): 29
Product Planning
Pricing Strategy and Analytics
Social Media Marketing
Personal Selling and Sales Management
Strategic Brand Management
Business-to-Business Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Advertising & Promotion: Integrated Marketing Communications
Services Marketing
Digital Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Database and CRM Strategy
International Marketing
Marketing Practicum
MGT 4803
Advanced Topics in Marketing
MGT 4803
Designing for Shared Value
MGT 4803
Sales Marketing
MGT 4803
Sustainable Marketing
MGT 4803
Understanding Markets with Data Science
Special Problems
Total Credit Hours15