Undergraduate Embedded Certificate in Sustainable Business

The coursework in the Certificate for Sustainable Business will prepare student to apply a sustainability lens to challenging business problems to help shape and make business decisions.

Program of Study

This certificate is available to all undergraduate students at Georgia Tech.  It requires a minimum of 12 credits.  The students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all of the courses to qualify.

Select two (2) courses (Group A):6
Business Ethics
Business Decisions for Sustainability and Shared Value
Sustainable Business Consulting Practicum
Foundations of Sustainable Systems
Select two (2) courses (Group B):6
Civil Engineering Systems
Construction Management & Megaprojects
Environmental Engineering Systems
Information and Communication Technologies and Global Development
Sociology of Development
Technology and the Environment
Business Taxation
Information and Communication Technologies and Global Development
Energy, Efficiency, and Sustainability
Analysis of Emerging Technologies
Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
MGT 4803
Social Impact: In-depth Exploration and Design
Environmental Ethics
Climate Policy
Energy Policy
Sustainability, Technology, and Policy
Business and Government
Technology and Sustainable Community Development
Any remaining courses from Group A
Total Credit Hours12