Elect & Comp Engr-Professional (ECEP)

ECEP 6301. Power System Control and Operation. 3 Credit Hours.

Introduction to methods for the real time operation and control of power systems; to study the hardware and software technologies of modern energy management systems. Credit will not be awarded for both ECEP 6301 and ECE 6320.

ECEP 6304. Power Systems Economics. 3 Credit Hours.

Comprehensive introduction to electricity economics, including economic theory, markets, and policy. Renewable energy, information systems, smart grid, and consumers examined as drivers for market architecture.

ECEP 6305. Power System Planning & Reliability. 3 Credit Hours.

To introduce basic concepts as well as analysis and optimization techniques underlying reliability assessment of electric power systems and planning techniques. Credit not awarded for both ECEP 6305 and ECE 6322.

ECEP 6310. Capstone Project. 3 Credit Hours.

Apply methods and techniques learned throughout the program to conduct energy system design. Students prepare a project proposal leading to a final report and presentation.

ECEP 6351. Power System Protection. 3 Credit Hours.

The theory and practice of modern power system protection techniques. Credit will not be awarded for both ECEP 6351 and ECE 6323.

ECEP 8803. Special Topics. 3 Credit Hours.

Special topics for ECEP.

ECEP 8813. Special Topics. 3 Credit Hours.

Special topics in ECEP.

ECEP 8823. Special Topics. 3 Credit Hours.

Special Topics for ECEP.