Bachelor of Science in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies - Spanish

APPH 1040Scientific Foundations of Health2
or APPH 1050 The Science of Physical Activity and Health
or APPH 1060 Flourishing: Strategies for Well-being and Resilience
Core A - Essential Skills
ENGL 1101English Composition I3
ENGL 1102English Composition II3
MATH 1712Survey of Calculus4
or MATH 1552 Integral Calculus
Core B - Institutional Options
CS 1301Introduction to Computing3
or CS 1315 Introduction to Media Computation
or CS 1371 Computing for Engineers
Core C - Humanities
Any HUM6
Core D - Science, Math, & Technology
Lab Science4
Lab Science 4
MATH 1711Finite Mathematics4
or MATH 1551
MATH 1553
Differential Calculus
and Introduction to Linear Algebra
Core E - Social Sciences
Select one of the following:3
The United States to 1877
The United States since 1877
American Government in Comparative Perspective
Government of the United States
American Constitutional Issues
Any SS9
Core F - Courses Related to Major
Approved Cluster 118
ALIS Major Requirements
SPAN 4500Advanced Intercultural Seminar 23
Spanish Electives 327
Study Abroad Experience (12 credits from 30 credits of Spanish Electives for the ALIS Major Requirements and/or 18 credits of Approved Cluster) 4
Free Electives
Free Electives 529
Total Credit Hours122

International Plan

The degree requirements for the Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish) - International Plan (ALIS - IP) are basically the same as for the ALIS degree, except that students are required to spend two terms abroad and then achieve Intermediate High (for Chinese, Japanese, and Russian: Intermediate Low) on the standardized ACTFL testing scale during an oral interview. The costs of the test will be paid for by the School of Modern Languages for each student. The terms abroad must total a minimum of twenty-six weeks; typically these consist of one semester of study plus a significant amount of time spent with a research or work project abroad. Only one summer semester abroad will count in this total. ALIS-IP majors are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Language for Business and Technology (LBAT) intensive summer programs offered by the School of Modern Languages.

In addition to gaining advanced global competence, the International Plan designation will set ALIS majors apart from other applicants with recruiters from top companies and governmental agencies. Other required courses include the following, which can easily be obtained within the regular required curriculum offerings of Modern Languages (these requirements can also be met with courses taken abroad, upon consultation with ALIS degree advisors):

  1. One course focused on international relations historically and theoretically, including topics such as:
    1. the role of state sovereignty and nationalism and non-state actors in the international system;
    2. international conflict, peace, security, intervention, and nation-building;
    3. international organizations, law, and ethics; and
    4. transnational problems of the environment, terrorism, health, and migration; among other issues.
  2. One course that provides a historical and theoretical understanding of the global economy, including topics such as international trade, finance, investment, and production; regional economic integration (such as the EU); economic development and modernization; and questions of natural resource sustainability.
  3. One course that provides familiarity with an area of the world or a country that allows them to make systematic comparisons with their own society and culture. A culminating course, occurring either at the end of or after the international experience that integrates knowledge of the discipline and the international experience in a global context. (satisfied by the CHIN 4500/FREN 4500/GRMN 4500/JAPN 4500/KOR 4500/RUSS 4500/SPAN 4500 course)

BS/MS Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies

Eligibility requirements:

1. Recommendation of two Modern Languages faculty members

2. Grade of 3.0 or higher in all BS-ALIS coursework as demonstrated through official GT transcript (as of 2019-20 Spanish coursework)

3. Oral proficiency level of at least Intermediate High according to American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards and OPI assessment procedures.  This will be determined by in-person interview or ACTFL phone test.

4. Students must apply by March 15 of their junior year, so as to be accepted into the program and enroll in the graduate version of the required Intercultural Seminar (Capstone) course in the spring of their senior year.

5. Student acceptance will be recommended by a Graduate Committee comprised of members of the language programs to which students apply.

6. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA throughout the MS ALIS program.

Program of Study and BS/MS ALIS Curriculum:

Following the model of other BS/MS degrees at Georgia Tech, ALIS majors meeting and maintaining eligibility requirements for continuing with the BS/MS ALIS may double count up to 6 credit hours of language study at the 4000 level or higher toward both degrees. BS/MSALIS students must complete at least 146 hours (total hours for BSALIS = 122 credit hours and total hours for MSALIS = 30 credit hours equal 152 credit hours with 6 credit hours being shared = 146 credit hours. Students may double count a 6000-level elective (3 hours) and 6000-level Intercultural Seminar (3 hours) toward undergraduate and graduate requirements.

BS/MS ALIS students also 21 take credit hours of graduate electives (3 credits of this requirement will be completed at undergraduate level), of which 18 or more must be in the target language, while one advisor-approved course not in the target language is allowed (3 credit hours of graduate level coursework taken at the undergraduate level will satisfy both BSALIS ML elective and a MSALIS elective requirement). BS/MS students must also complete Intercultural Seminar (6500) that will satisfy both the undergraduate and graduate seminar requirement.