Master of Science in Bioinformatics

This is a three-semester, focused professional master's degree program combining 37 credit hours of courses in computer science, advanced molecular biology and biochemistry, statistics, and bioinformatics. A full-time summer internship in a corporate or academic bioinformatics group is an essential part of the curriculum. With input and assistance from corporate partners, the program is geared to training and placing graduates into lucrative jobs in the high-demand specialty field of bioinformatics. More information is available from the graduate coordinator of the MS Bioinformatics program.

Master of Science in Bioinformatics - Requirements
Core classes = 22 semester hours
Electives = 15 semester hours
Total = 37 semester hours

Core Curriculum for the MS Bioinformatics Degree
Substitution of any of these core courses requires permission of the program director.
Offered fall semesters only:
CS 4710, Introduction to Co1mputing Concepts in Bioinformatics (4 hours)
BIOL 6150, Genomics and Applied Bioinformatics (3 hours)
BIOL 7200, Programming for Bioinformatics (3 hours)

Offered spring semesters only:
BIOL 7210, Computational Genomics (3 hours)

Offered fall and spring, occasionally summer:
CS 4400, Introduction to Database Systems (3 hours)
MSBINF Statistics Requirement (3 hours), several allowable courses, including:
     BIOS 4401
     MATH 3215
MSBINF Capstone (3 hours), several allowable courses, including:
     BIOL 6600, Evolution
     BIOL 7111, Molecular Evolution
     BIOL 8510, Epigenetics
     BIOL 8530, Human Evolutionary Genomics
     BIOL 8803, Applied Human Computational Genomics
     BIOL 8803, Cancer Biology
     CEE 6720, Environmental Microbial Genomics
     CSE 6242, Data and Visual Analytics

Electives for the MS Bioinformatics Degree
Students may choose from a wide range of graduate courses in Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Computational Sciences and Engineering, Chemistry, Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Mathematics.  For a full list of recommended electives, please see: