Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Biology

Each PhD student will acquire a thorough knowledge of a selected area of specialization, a broad knowledge of the field, and competence in the basic sciences. The main emphasis is on the successful completion of an original and independent research project. The purpose of our PhD program is to prepare highly qualified scientists who have excellent, up-to-date training, who are actively involved in scientific research, are capable of making significant contributions to their scientific field, possess all the necessary skills for effective oral and written communication with colleagues, and can successfully compete in the job market for postdoctoral and research scientist level positions in academia, science-related industries, and a wide range of other careers.

All PhD programs must incorporate a standard set of Requirements for the Doctoral Degree.

BIOL 9000Doctoral Thesis18
BIOL 8002
BIOL 8003
and Seminar
BIOL 8106Tools of Science Seminar2
Coursework (letter grade) approved by thesis committee 1,2,318
Total Credit Hours40

At least 9 of the 18 hrs must be graduate courses (6000 level or higher) with a letter grade


At least 9 of the 18 hrs must be Biology courses (BIOL 4XXX – 8XXX), with a letter grade


9 of the 18 hrs must fulfill the requirement for an approved minor