Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Information Technology Management

APPH 1040Scientific Foundations of Health2
or APPH 1050 The Science of Physical Activity and Health
or APPH 1060 Flourishing: Strategies for Well-being and Resilience
Core A - Essential Skills
ENGL 1101English Composition I3
ENGL 1102English Composition II3
MATH 1552Integral Calculus4
or MATH 1712 Survey of Calculus
Core B - Institutional Options
CS 1301Introduction to Computing3
or CS 1315 Introduction to Media Computation
Core C - Humanities
Any HUM 6
Core D - Science, Math, & Technology
Lab Science 4
Lab Science4
MATH 1551
MATH 1553
Differential Calculus
and Introduction to Linear Algebra
or MATH 1711 Finite Mathematics
Core E - Social Sciences
Select one of the following:3
The United States to 1877
The United States since 1877
American Government in Comparative Perspective
Government of the United States
American Constitutional Issues
ECON 2105Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 2106Principles of Microeconomics3
Any SS3
Core F - Courses Related to Major
ACCT 2101Accounting I: Financial Accounting3
ACCT 2102Accounting II: Managerial Accounting3
MGT 2106Legal, Social, Ethical Aspects of Business3
MGT 2210Information Systems and Digital Transformation3
MGT 2250Management Statistics3
MGT 2255Quantitative Analysis for Business3
Major Requirements
LMC 3403Technical Communication, Theory and Practice3
MGT 3062Financial Management3
MGT 3101Organizational Behavior3
MGT 3102Managing Human Resources within a Regulatory Environment3
MGT 3300Marketing Management I3
MGT 3501Operations Management3
MGT 3599Career Development Workshop 1
MGT 3660International Business 3
MGT 3659Foundations of Strategy3
IT Management Concentration
Select three of the following: 3,59
Business Programming
Systems Analysis and Design
Database Management Systems
Project Management
Select three of the following: 1,3,6,79
Leadership in a Changing Environment
Marketing Research: Analytics
Technology Strategy
Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Decision Support
Analysis of Emerging Technologies
Managing Product, Service & Technology Development
Auditing and Financial Control Systems
Business Analytics
Business Data Communications
Electronic Commerce
Business Process Analysis and Design
Management Consulting
Leading Teams in Organizations
Servant Leadership, Values & Systems
Digital Marketing
Management of Healthcare Operations
Operations Resource Planning and Execution
Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
Service Operations Management
Information Security Strategies and Policy
Privacy, Technology, Policy, and Law
Special Topics in Management
Computer Networking I
Introduction to Information Security
Vertically Integrated Project: Multidisciplinary project-based team, sophomore level
Vertically Integrated Project: Multidisciplinary project-based team, junior level
Vertically Integrated Project: Multidisciplinary project-based team, junior level
Vertically Integrated Project: Multidisciplinary project-based team, senior level
Vertically Integrated Project: Multidisciplinary project-based team, senior participation
Non-MGT Electives
Non-MGT Electives 26
Free Electives
Free Electives 410
Total Credit Hours122

Pass-fail only allowed for Free Electives.


MGT 4803 must have a title of Data Visualization for Business or Social and Digital Analytics.


Any courses except for MGT or ACCT.


Minimum grade of C required.


Maximum 3 credit hours of internship; Maximum 9 credit hours of undergraduate research; Maximum 3 credit hours of Special Problems/Independent Study.


Students may apply unused Group A elective courses toward Group B electives


Students must complete 3 credit hours of VIP courses pre-approved by an academic advisor.


Only 3 credit hours of VIP courses may be used towards Group B electives.