Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Civil Engineering

The Ph.D. program in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is offered to students with an excellent academic background and a capacity for independent research. Doctoral candidates tailor a highly individualized Program of Study (typically 50 credit hours of courses beyond the bachelor's degree) to develop expertise in their major specialization area.  As part of the Program of Study, candidates must complete a Minor Field of Study. To demonstrate the ability for independent research, the candidate must pass a qualifying examination, a thesis proposal, and a thesis defense.  Candidates are required to complete a doctoral thesis reporting the results of original and independent research that derives from the scientific method and demonstrates creativity and technical expertise in the principles and methods essential to modern Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Major Areas of Specialization are:

  • Construction and Infrastructure Systems Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geosystems Engineering
  • Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials
  • Transportation Systems Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering