Graduate Stand-Alone Certificate in Data Science for the Chemical Industry

The objective of this certificate is to provide engineers in the chemical industry with knowledge of basic data science and machine learning techniques, and experience applying these techniques to specific problems in chemical engineering.

 General Guidelines for Certificates:

  • All courses must be taken for Letter-grade
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher
  • Certificates requirement a minimum GPA of 2.7
Core Courses
CHBE 6745Data Analytics for Chemical Engineers3
CHBE 6746Data-Driven Process Systems Engineering3
Introduction to Information Security
Big Data Systems and Analytics
Database Systems Concepts and Design
Temporal, Spatial and Active Databases
Parallel and Distributed Database Systems and Applications
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Computing for Data Analysis: Methods and Tools
Computational Science and Engineering Algorithms
Data and Visual Analytics
Time Series Analysis
Design and Analysis of Experiments
Statistical Modeling and Regression Analysis
Computational Statistics
Introduction to Theory and Practice of Bayesian Statistics
Intro Analytics Modeling
Discrete Optimization
Stochastic Optimization
Computational Data Analysis: Learning, Mining, and Computation
Systems Monitoring and Prognostics
Production and Service Systems Engineering
Logistics Systems Engineering
Data Mining and Statistical Learning
Special Topics (Topics on High-Dimensional Data Analytics)
Data Analytics in Business
Special Topics in Mgt (Data Analysis for Continuous Improvement)
Information Policy and Management
Information Security Policies and Strategies
Total Credit Hours12