Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in History and Sociology of Technology and Science

The School offers a program of graduate study in the history and sociology of technology and science at both the master's and doctoral levels. The two-year master's program consists of foundation courses in history, social theory, and research methods, as well as more specialized reading and research seminars. The program emphasizes the understanding of technology and science within a broad social and historical context. Students develop a strong general background in history and sociology, and acquire skills in research, social analysis, and writing.

All PhD programs must incorporate a standard set of Requirements for the Doctoral Degree

Required Courses15
Research Paper (Special Problems) 16
Comprehensive Exam (normally taken in the third academic year) 2
Total Credit Hours30

Completion of a satisfactory research paper is essential for those students wishing to proceed to doctoral candidacy. 


The examinations cover material from three fields of study, which will be determined by a student's selection of history or sociology as the area of concentration.

In addition to satisfactory performance in the comprehensive examinations, students pursuing the degree in history must also pass a foreign language examination (normally in French, German, or Spanish) before being admitted to candidacy for the PhD. For students in sociology, an advanced sociological methods course replaces the language requirement. Having met these requirements, the candidate will submit a dissertation proposal, which must meet the approval of his or her dissertation committee. The candidate will then proceed to the final requirement for the degree: the completion of the PhD dissertation and its successful defense by oral examination.