Master of Science in International Affairs

The Master of Science in International Affairs degree program is adaptable to the interests and needs of students who seek to enter professional careers requiring advanced training in international affairs or who intend to continue study at the doctoral level. The program emphasizes both traditional theoretical knowledge of international relations and strategic planning and analysis.

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The program includes core courses in the following:

  • International relations theory
  • Comparative politics
  • International political economy
  • International security
  • Empirical research methods

Students must also choose two of four elective tracks to in order to focus their studies. The four track options are:

  • Comparative and Regional Studies
  • Globalization and Development
  • International Affairs and Security
  • Science and Technology

Students also have the opportunity to design the program to meet their individual interests through elective offerings in the School and interdisciplinary work in the other schools in the Ivan Allen College as well as the Colleges of Sciences, Management, Architecture and Engineering. Overseas programs and internships are encouraged and facilitated by the School.

Three (3) credit hours of technology literacy is required and is satisfied by successfully completing (B or higher) at least one semester of classes with content including at least one of the following while in the Master's program:

  • programming computers;
  • database design and operation;
  • development and operation;
  • data analysis (if part of statistics courses, at least two quarters or two semesters);
  • simulation model design and use;
  • development and use of geographic information or cartography systems; or
  • operation of large computer systems/ computer networks.

In addition to 42 semester credit hours of coursework, students must demonstrate foreign language familiarity and economics. These abilities are essential tools for professional or scholarly work in international affairs. Students must satisfy these requirements before graduating from the program, either through previous undergraduate work or during the Master's program.

Foreign language familiarity is defined as a minimum of two years of college-level work in a single language. This requirement can be fulfilled while in residence or can be demonstrated through an examination taken in the School of Modern Languages.

Economics literacy is satisfied by successful completion of a course or courses in microeconomic and macroeconomic principles and a course in international economics undertaken while at Georgia Tech, or by successful completion of equivalent courses at another institution, either during undergraduate work or while in the Master's program.

The School's master's degree requirements supplement the Institute's master's degree requirements listed in the General Catalog. Students must achieve a grade-point average of at least 3.0 to graduate, and no course below grade C will count toward graduation.