Master of Science in International Security

Master of Science in International Security objectives:

  • Problem solving in international security. Students will be able to use their knowledge of international security in a practical problem-solving way to address issues of immediate and future international concern. This includes knowledge of key substantive issues, familiarity with research methods to analyze and evaluate solutions, research and data collection skills to facilitate the implementation of the aforementioned methodological tools.
  • Scientific analysis of international security politics. Students will be proficient in basic analytical skills and be able to formulate and scrutinize problems in international affairs, quantitatively or qualitatively, whichever is appropriate. This will also include the ability to use and implement software, process and analyze information, and deploy quantitative and qualitative methodologies.
  • Professional development. Students will be able to think strategically about their career choices and to identify appropriate avenues for preparing themselves to pursue them; express their arguments clearly and effectively both in written analyses and through oral presentations; and work in small groups in a way that demonstrates respect for their colleagues and efficiency in working collaboratively towards projects and goals.
Required courses
INTA 6003Empirical Research Methods3
INTA 6102International Relations Theory3
INTA 6103International Security3
INTA 6000-, 8000-level Specialization courses12
Free electives (6000-,8000-level)9
Total Credit Hours30