Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. The B.S. in Mathematics degree provides a certification of extensive training in mathematics at one of the nation's leading scientific and technological universities. Holders of this degree are well qualified for a variety of careers in academia, business and industry, computer programming, data science, and education.  The program provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in mathematics and related fields.

Students have the option of completing the B.S. in Mathematics or completing the B.S. in Mathematics with one of the areas of concentration.  

Optional concentrations
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Mathematical Foundations in Data Science
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Pure Mathematics

Business and Research Options

A student may elect to complete both the Business Option and the Research Option.

Completion of the Business and Research Options is noted by the designations "Business Option" and "Research Option" on the student's transcript.

See Concentrations for the for the Business Option requirements.  See below for the Research Option requirements.

Research Option

Select one of the following Research Options: 19
Undergraduate Research Assistantship
and Undergraduate Research Assistantship (for pay)
Undergraduate Research
and Undergraduate Research (for credit) 2
LMC 4701Undergraduate Research Proposal Writing (complete during the first or second semester of research) 31
LMC 4702Undergraduate Research Thesis Writing (take during the thesis-writing semester) 41
Total Credit Hours11

supervised research with a faculty advisor over two or three semesters 


Six credit hours of MATH 4699 may be used as mathematics electives for the BS in Mathematics.


a short proposal on the research project is developed


prepare a research report (research paper, project report/thesis), and make an oral presentation of the project

Completion of this Research Option is noted by the designation "Research Option in Mathematics" on the student's transcript.

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College of Sciences B.S. in Mathematics + M.S. Degree Program in Mathematics

The Georgia Tech College of Sciences BS/MS degree program enables highly motivated students with strong academic credentials to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Mathematics. The BS/MS program prepares students for competitive career placements with higher earning potentials as well as competitive admission to Ph.D. and professional programs (including medical/law/pharmacy/dental/pharmacy schools). Thesis and non-thesis options are offered for the BS/MS program.  Undergraduates with a significant amount of AP/IB/dual enrollment credits are highly encouraged to apply to the BS/MS program.

Admission and Program Requirements:

1.  To apply to the program, students must have at least 30 credit hours earned at Georgia Tech with an undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher, and fewer than 90 credit hours overall (including transfer credit).

2.  If admitted to the B.S./M.S. program, students must complete six credit hours of MATH coursework, with grades of B or higher, that can be used to fulfil the BS and MS requirements, except seminar, reading or research coursework. This coursework must be completed prior to earning the B.S. degree and proceeding to the M.S. program. These credits will be counted towards both the BS degree and MS degree. Due to the flexibility in selection of courses that may count for the BS and MS degree, MATH academic advisors will communicate with the Degree Certification Team in the Registrar’s Office regarding which specific courses (i.e. six credits) are double counted for the BS and MS. This step will assure that degree audits are completed correctly

3. Students considering the M.S. Thesis Option are strongly encouraged to begin undergraduate research early in their B.S. program of study. The student must identify the M.S. thesis advisor prior to completion of the B,S, degree and proceeding to the M.S. program. Research described in an undergraduate thesis submitted as a part of the B.S. Research Option cannot be used in the M.S. thesis.

4. The minimum GPA for graduation with a B.S. in Mathematics to continue to the M.S. program is 3.00. The minimum GPA for graduation with the M.S. is 2.70.

5. The requirements for the BS can be found in The requirements for the MS can be found in Both requirements are to be fulfilled by the end of the studies to be awarded the BS and MS.


Students pursuing the BS/MS Option in Mathematics must complete all requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program and the Master of Science in Mathematics program. Students may use a maximum of 6 credit hours of approved coursework (4000-level or higher; not seminar or research credit, MATH 6701 or MATH 6702) in Mathematics with grades of B or higher from the Bachelor of Science program of study.