Minor in Naval Science

The minor in Naval Science will familiarize the student with basic and advanced concepts of Naval Science with emphasis on naval history, technology, and leadership. The Institute’s motto of “Progress and Service” is embodied in military service. This minor will support the students who plan to serve their country by recognizing their academic achievement outside of their major coursework. The minor will also give students who do not pursue military service a basic working knowledge of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Concepts learned complement any chosen career path.

Program of Study

Select 15 hours from the following courses:
NS 1321Introduction to Naval Sciences3
NS 1323Naval Maritime History3
NS 2321Naval Leadership and Management3
NS 2323Navigation3
NS 3323Evolution of Warfare3
NS 3325Naval Weapons Systems3
NS 3326Naval Engineering Systems3
NS 4320Naval Operations and Seamanship3
NS 4322Naval Leadership and Ethics3
NS 4333Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare3

A minimum of 9 credit hours of upper-division coursework must constitute the required 15 credit hours of minor coursework. Students may not repeat any course for double credit. Courses may be taken in any order, but students are highly encouraged to complete NS 1321 before enrolling in any other courses.