Undergraduate Embedded Certificate in Business Law and Ethics

The Scheller College of Business offers an undergraduate certificate in Business Law and Ethics. This certificate is only available to BS in Business Administration students.

Legal and ethical considerations create risks for businesses, and these risks must be avoided, minimized or managed. A practical understanding of law and ethics has thus become a critical element in business decision-making and strategy. Businesses cannot rely exclusively on outside counsel or in-house legal staff to manage all risks. Managers need an understanding of the legal and ethical environments in which they operate.

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Program of Study

Core Requirement
MGT 3607Business Ethics3
Three (3) courses from the following:9
Principles of Commerical Law
International Business Law
Technology Law and Ethics
Legal Aspects of Real Estate
Law for Entrepreneurs
Corporate Governance
Business Taxation
Information Security Strategies and Policy
Privacy, Technology, Policy, and Law
MGT 4803
Business and Government Regulation
MGT 4803
Employment, Benefits and Compensation Law
MGT 4803
Foundations of Internet Policy and Governance
MGT 4803
Legal Aspects of Managing Intellectual Property
MGT 4803
Legal Issues in Sports Management
Total Credit Hours12