Master of Science in Urban Design (MSUD)

The Master of Science in Urban Design (MSUD) degree is oriented to those who wish to expand upon their previous professional education and professional experience, as architects, landscape architects, city planners, or civil engineers, and to enter urban design practices either in private firms or public agencies, or to pursue a Ph.D. The MSUD Program is housed in the School of Architecture and collaborates with the Georgia Tech School of City and Regional Planning. The curriculum is focused on urban design studios, often in direct collaboration with local communities, addressing contemporary challenges including climate change, equity, and retrofitting obsolescent infrastructure. Internships with leading urban design firms across the US help students build professional networks. Courses in urban design, history and theory, real estate, and urban ecology provide a rich interdisciplinary experience augmented with elective opportunities in architecture, planning, engineering, computation, public policy, heritage preservation, and other areas. Most students complete the program over the summer in our Modern Architecture and Modern City European study program, doing coursework and independent study.

Qualifications Needed to Apply

Applicants to the MSUD Program are limited to those with prior accredited professional degrees in

  • Architecture (M.ARCH or B.ARCH)
  • Landscape Architecture (BLA or MLA)
  • City and Regional Planning (MCRP or equivalent)
  • Civil Engineering (BCE or equivalent)

The MSUD Program recommends students start the 3-semester sequence in the fall semester. Students have the option of extending the program with additional coursework or an independent year-long thesis. 


The course of study for the Master of Science in Urban Design (MSUD) includes a set of required core courses, totaling 30 credit hours, and professional electives, totaling 9 credit hours. The total minimum credit hour requirement for the MSUD degree is thirty-nine credit hours.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
ARCH 7013 Urban Design Studio 1 6
BC 6975 The Evolution of a Deal 3
ARCH 6151 Theories of Urban Design 3
ARCH Elective 1 3
 Credit Hours15
ARCH 7014 Urban Design Studio 2 6
ARCH 7151 History of Urban Form 3
ARCH 6447 Urban Ecological Design 3
ARCH Elective 1 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Year
Optional Second Year Fall  
ARCH 7015 Urban Design Studio 3 6
ARCH Elective 1 3
 Credit Hours9
 Total Credit Hours39

Students have the option of completing requirements during Year 1 Summer with Modern Architecture Modern Cities (includes 6 hours of independent study and 6 hours of electives) or Independent Study in Atlanta.

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