Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - Biotechnology Option

Wellness Requirement
APPH 1040Scientific Foundations of Health2
or APPH 1050 The Science of Physical Activity and Health
or APPH 1060 Flourishing: Strategies for Well-being and Resilience
Institutional Priority
CS 1371Computing for Engineers3
Mathematics and Quantitative Skills
MATH 1552Integral Calculus 34
Political Science and U.S. History
HIST 2111The United States to 18773
or HIST 2112 The United States since 1877
or INTA 1200 American Government in Comparative Perspective
or POL 1101 Government of the United States
or PUBP 3000 American Constitutional Issues
Arts, Humanities, and Ethics
Any HUM6
Communicating in Writing
ENGL 1101English Composition I3
ENGL 1102English Composition II3
Technology, Mathematics, and Sciences
PHYS 2211Introductory Physics I 14
PHYS 2212Introductory Physics II 24
MATH 1551Differential Calculus 32
MATH 1553Introduction to Linear Algebra 32
Social Sciences
Select one of the following:3
Economic Analysis and Policy Problems
The Global Economy
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
Any SS6
Field of Study
BIOS 1107
Biological Principles
and Biological Principles Laboratory
CHEM 1211KChemical Principles I4
or CHEM 1310 Principles of General Chemistry for Engineers
CHEM 2380Synthesis Laboratory I2
MATH 2551Multivariable Calculus 34
MATH 2552Differential Equations 34
Major Requirements
CHBE 2100Chemical Process Principles 33
CHBE 2140Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 34
CHBE 3205Fluid Mechanics 32
CHBE 3215Heat & Mass Transfer 34
CHBE 3225Separations Processes 33
CHBE 3300Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis 32
CHBE 4200Transport Phenomena/Unit Operations Laboratory 3,83
CHBE 4310Bioprocess Engineering 83
CHBE 4320Reactor Design 32
CHBE 4411Process Dynamics and Control 3,83
CHBE 4412Process Dynamics and Control Laboratory 3,81
CHBE 4510Process and Product Design And Economics 32
CHBE 4515Chemical Process Safety 3,81
CHBE 4530Capstone ChBE Bio-Design 82
CHBE Electives
CHBE Electives 53
Biotechnology Electives
Biotechnology electives 63
Engineering Electives
Other Engineering and Science Requirements
BIOS 3450Cell and Molecular Biology3
CHEM 1212KChemical Principles II4
CHEM 2311Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 2312Organic Chemistry II3
or CHEM 2313 Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry
CHEM 3521Biochemistry I3
CHEM 3522Biochemistry II3
MSE 2001Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials3
Free Electives 7
Free Electives3
Total Credit Hours129

Pass-fail only allowed for Free Electives, Core IMACTS Arts, Ethics, and Humanities Electives, and undesignated Social Sciences Electives.


If PHYS 2231 is taken, extra hour goes to Free Electives.


If PHYS 2232 is taken, extra hour goes to Free Electives.


Minimum grade of C required


CHBE Electives must be chosen from the following list: CHBE 4020, CHBE 4030, CHBE 4050, CHBE 4310, CHBE 4535, CHBE 4610, CHBE 4710, CHBE 4720, CHBE 4730, CHBE 4743, CHBE 4745, CHBE 4746CHBE 4757, CHBE 4759, CHBE 4760, CHBE 4762, CHBE 4765, CHBE 4775, CHBE 4776, CHBE 4782, CHBE 4791, CHBE 4793 or any 6000-level CHBE course or higher. Special Topics or Special Problems courses must be approved by the ChBE Academic Committee.


Students should consult with their advisor regarding Engineering Elective options. Engineering electives must be chosen from the following list: AE 4699, AE 4883, BMED 2400, BMED 3400, BMED 3510, BMED 4699, BMED 4751, CEE 2040, CEE 2300, CEE 4330, CEE 4620, CEE 4699, CHBE 2699, CHBE 4020, CHBE 4030, CHBE 4050, CHBE 4310, CHBE 4535, CHBE 4610, CHBE 4699, CHBE 4710, CHBE 4720, CHBE 4730, CHBE 4743, CHBE 4757, CHBE 4759, CHBE 4760, CHBE 4762, CHBE 4765, CHBE 4767, CHBE 4775, CHBE 4776, CHBE 4782, CHBE 4791, CHBE 4793, CHBE 6120, CHBE 6794, COE 2001, COE 3001, COE 3002, ECE 2020, ECE 2026, ECE 3025, ECE 3040, ECE 3043, ECE 3072, ECE 3080, ECE 3710, ECE 3741, ECE 4350, ECE 4699, ISYE 2027, ISYE 2028, ISYE 3025, ISYE 3039, ISYE 3232, ME 2202, ME 3210, ME 4699, MSE 2021, MSE 3005, MSE 3720, MSE 4140, MSE 4751, MSE 4330, MSE 4740, MSE 4699, NRE 3301, NRE 4610, NRE 4699. Special Topics or Special Problems courses must be approved by the ChBE Academic Committee.


PHYS 2XXX (AP credit) not allowed.


Five or fewer VIP credits can be applied as Free Electives. For Six or more VIP credits, approval must be granted by the ChBE Academic Committee to apply up to 3 hours as Engineering Electives; the balance will be applied as Free Electives. Please consult with your academic advisor for more details.


Students can graduate with one D in a senior-level core CHBE course per the policy outlined in the CHBE Student Handbook. See for more information on eligible courses.