Minor in Computing and Intelligence

Minor in Computing

For those students majoring in disciplines other than computer science who wish to gain a deeper understanding of computing and its applications, the College of Computing offers the minor in computer science. Click here for additional information.

  • Computing & Media
  • Computing & People
  • Computing & Intelligence
  • Computing & Devices
  • Computing & Information Internetworks
  • Computing & Systems and Architecture
  • Computing & Theory

Program of Study

The Computer Science – Intelligence track minor must comprise at least 16 semester hours of computer science coursework of which at least 9 hours must be at the 3000 level or higher.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming 1
Required Courses
CS 1332Data Structures and Algorithms for Applications3
CS 2110Computer Organization and Programming4
CS 3600Introduction to Artificial Intelligence3
Select one CS course each from the following:6
Embodied Intelligence
Approaches to Intelligence
Total Credit Hours16

Prerequisite must be taken but is not included in the required 16 hours.

  • CS Minor application is required.
  •  ECE students with credit for ECE 2035 and either ECE 2020 or ECE 2030 may substitute one CS 3000/4000 level Intelligence Thread course for CS 2110 and complete the minor with 15 hours instead of 16.
  • No Special Problems or Internship coursework may be used towards the CS minor.
  • A grade of A or B is required for CS 1301/CS 1315/CS 1371 and CS 1331. All other minor courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.
  • Only CS courses are included in the minor.
  • It is the major advisor’s responsibility to verify that students are not using any courses required by name and number for their major, that they are not using any core area A-E courses (including humanities and social sciences), and that they are not using any courses for more than one minor or certificate. Free electives may be used towards minors.
  • A maximum of 3 semester hours of transfer credit may be used to satisfy the course requirements for a minor. This includes courses taken at another institution or credit earned through the AP or IB program, assuming the scores meet Georgia Tech minimum standards.